Flooring more than furniture - something you see every day.

1. Selecting a species

+ what look you're trying to achieve

+ hardness (janka scale)

+ grain pattern

+ adding color

+ room size and use

+ budget

Light - ash or maple - open and airy feel

Medium - oak - warm space

Dark - mahogany - much richer

walnut, cherry, maple still dominate the market

but new interests: reclaimed wood, eucalyptus, bamboo

white oak - ease of staining

2. Color

trends: grays, blacks, whites and timeless traditional browns

limitless color choices - combo of wood color, stains, wax, and finishes

3. Patterns

curved length flooring trending

4. Solid vs. engineered

engineered = real wood, in layers. Stable, less expand/contract than solid, less sensitive to changes in humidity, suitable for below grade projects

5. Size

trend: wider and longer planks which will visually open a small space

6. Finishing

unfinished, on-site finish -> if you want a smooth, flat floor

factory finished wood floor -> install is faster

level of sheen, color, texture




Dustless, dust containment

eco-friendly - green finishes, reclaimed wood, engineered wood, dust-free